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Ocean Series Mini Silicone Night Light(Waterproof Version)

Release time:2023/08/30 Night light Views:230

Power Supply: 1 pcs CR2032 Button Battery
Waterproof: Yes
Six in One Group packed in a color box
Product Size:
Mini Octopus Silicone Night Light: 7.4x6.8x6.1cm
Mini Dolphin Silicone Night Light: 9.9x6x6cm
Mini Turtle Silicone Night Light: 9.5x6.9x5.8cm
Mini Whale Silicone Night Light: 9.6x6.2x5.5cm
Mini Shark Silicone Night Light: 10.9x6x5.8cm
Mini Duck Silicone Night Light: 8.2x5.8x7.2cm


1. When the lamp is used for the first time, unscrew the knob at the bottom of the lamp, and then pull out insulation sheet (The default light for the first time is white).
2. Tap the silicone lamp to change the light color (white – red – purple – rose – blue – cyan – green – yellow…. 8 color cycle).
3. The lamp will automatically turn off after one minute without operation.
4. Turn on the light next time, the light will be white (the light has no memory function, and when it is turned on again, it will be white).

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