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Cooler OEM Ultrasonic Penguin Diffuser with Light

Release time:2019/11/02 aroma diffuser Humidifier Views:4495


Base information:

Item name: Penguin Diffuser with Light

Item No.: LJH-026

Item size: 135X122X157mm

Bottle capacity: 100mL

Input voltage: 100-240V~50/60HZ  0.4A MAX

Output voltage: 24V  500mA

Power: 12W

Spray volume: 45~50mL/h

Product material: PP+Silicone


Product features:

  1. Lovely shape and soft touch.
  2. This product has built-in atmosphere lights, its lighting is colorful and comfortable.
  3. The mist is created by principle of ultrasonic vibration, increasing air humidity.
  4. Water-soluble essential oils can be added into the water, to provide aromatherapy.

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