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Starry Sky UFO Projection Lamp

Release time:2019/11/02 Night light Views:2276

Color: Pink/White/Green
Product Size: 151x151x132mm
Packing: Color box(135x140x145mm)
1.Powered by USB or 3xAA( 1.5V) batteries.Battery not included.
2.Has the function of warm night lamp, accompanying you to sleep.
3.Has the function of projector lamp, which is romantic and colorful.
4.Has the function of non-polar dimming.
5.Accessory: USB Cable and 1pcs Projection film.

This product can be powered by USB and can also be used with three 1.5V AAA batteries.
It has a warm projector and night light function, and you can fall asleep in a romantic
and colorful atmosphere. It also has a stepless dimming section, which saves energy and
is environmentally friendly, and it will automatically shut down after two hours of
product opening.

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